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“New” Photography Fine Art Print Note Cards

Storm Pass

By popular demand, I am now creating Fine Art Print Note Cards that are being sold locally here in shops in the town of Lyons. By doing so, I have been able to print local nature photographs and also fine art prints of surrounding areas, including Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. The cards are 5×7″ dimension and are blank on the inside for individual writing or inspiration. Also, my inspirational note cards are being sold locally as well. If you are in the Lyons area of Colorado, please visit The Food and Flicks Store or The Stone Cup to check out my selections. If you have interest in any of my images printed as 5×7″ blank Fine Art Note Cards, please call (720-442-4917) or email: Also, please visit my website: for a review of my galleries.

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Inspiration from note cards

As a teacher, I was always receiving cards from students or parents to thank me for various programs or activities.  I always read the sayings and quite often kept certain cards that resonated with me on my desk for inspiration, motivation, peace and enjoyment.  I am hoping that my inspirational note cards offered through will have a similar purpose.  A great nature photography image and inspirational thought can be a support to keep one balanced during stress-filled days.  What do you think?

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Inspirational Note Cards

PeacemakersArt was inspired by my students and the story can be read in my press release. Sometimes we underestimate the power of images and words. However, I learned this relationship from my high school students who mentored my middle school students with community service projects. Therefore, Inspirational Note Cards is a forum for people to remember and share when they were moved by words and images in the form of fine art cards.

  • How can inspirational note cards heal, support or help one in body, mind or spirit?
  • Do you have an experience to share?

Thank you for your comments. May we each support another with intentions for peace and healing.


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