“Monument Valley”

Monument Valley is a Navajo Tribal Park that is one of the most iconic and enduring landmarks of the American “Wild West.”  Red mesas and sandstone towers rise hundreds of feet into the air – some as tall as 1,000 feet.  The dramatic natural and rich red hues dominate the entire region that borders between Arizona and Utah.  The play of sunlight and shadow overwhelms the senses as one experiences the magic of this environment.  Yet, there is a certain peace and tranquility about the landscape that still portrays our Western heritage.  This is very sacred land to the Navajo and their honor and respect for this land deserves acknowledgment.

“Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth

are never alone or weary of life.” ~ Rachel Carson

“Monument Valley is the place where 

God put the West.”  ~ John Wayne


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“Earth and Sky”

The natural structures of the Colorado Plateau seem to blend earth and sky – even on a stormy day – as the natural forces of erosion still continue to shape the land.  The dignity of their display exemplifies patience. 

Big and memorable cinematic productions have frequently featured the landscape of Monument Valley as a familiar backdrop – especially Western movies of the past.  More recently, the iconic structures were a significant visual in the movie “Forrest Gump.”

Over the next few months, I will continue to feature images of Monument Valley, Mystery Valley and Valley of the  Gods in my blog.  I hope that you will enjoy them…


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“Mystery Valley”

Mystery Valley is a place of eloquent beauty.   The Navajo people believe this sacred place holds  great spiritual power.  It does not have easy access and must be approached with a Navajo guide.  Once there, the experience is other-worldly as it is filled with texture, design, shapes, valleys and secret gardens.


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“Nature’s Design and Texture”

These patterns of design were found on the walls in the Arches section of Monument Valley.  To me, they appear ancient in design yet simple and elegant.  They represent the timeless lesson for us to respect our environment and to honor the intimate details of life, living and relationships.


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