“Tundra Garden”

This is the time of year when I can drive to the tundra at Rocky Mountain National Park.  The tundra area is 12,000 feet high and a very harsh environment.  There are no trees and the wildflowers that grow are only about an inch in height.  Yet, there is a delightful garden during the summer growth season.  Below are the buds of the Moss Campion ready to burst with one lone wildflower already in bloom.  This is the time of year when I practice macro photography and learn to experience, again, the great quality of patience.

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“The Intimate Landscape”

Here are additional photographs of the intimate landscape of tundra flowers.   It is July and the flowers are a spectacular array of color in the tundra environment.   Since it is very windy in the tundra, macro photography is quite the challenge.  It was probably around 30 degrees the morning that I photographed these flowers.  The top featured image is a medley of Western Wallflower, Alpine Phlox and Moss Campion.   The image in this post is Dwarf Clover.  Enjoy! _DSC1629-copy

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I was photographing sunrise in the tundra at the Ute Trail a couple of weeks ago.  However, I met “5” bull elk and (needless to say) deferred the trail to them.  The intention of my photography changed from a scenic mountain sunrise to the journey of the elk.   They started to separate and several happened to wander in front of a shadowed area of the mountain.  The dark background of the shadows and the front lighting from the sunrise created a beautiful definition of these amazing creatures.  What a journey for both the animals and myself…


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“Joy and Love”

I always need to practice macro photography as it is a specialty and achieving depth of field is a challenge.  So, I practice by photographing flowers in my neighbor’s gardens.  After a rainy day, the droplets were still present on these flowers and the sky was still overcast for perfect lighting.  I hope these images inspire you to photograph your own flowers and notice their depth, beauty and magnificent design.  “Joy” is a Goblin Blanket Flower.  “Love” is a rose.  Both of these are my tribute to  the painting style of Georgia O’Keeffe.

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