“My Friend, Jack”

This is my friend, Jack.  I met him summer 2013 when we both took a photography class in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado.  At age 90, Jack drove himself from Seattle, WA, and then proceeded to inspire, motivate and teach us all how to live life with his vivacious attitude, quest to learn and unbelievable stamina.  One only needed to look at his face – a study in history, a study in character – to want to photograph him.  So, I asked Jack if I could do some portraits of him and was very pleased with the above result.  Needless to say, I sent him a beautiful matted print that he framed and it is proudly displayed in his home.  Jack and I quickly became friends and photo exchange buddies after our 2013 photography excursion.  We called each other every month or two to check in to see what photography pursuits were on our combined lists.  It was clear to me that I was blessed to be in the presence of a person who loved life and lived it to its fullest.  I marveled at his recent ski and bike stories and loved hearing his career fireman stories.  I constantly wondered what kept me from grabbing life in full pursuit like Jack.  I so love Jack that I wanted to share some of his photography work with you:  a scene from Seattle, the Tetons and his passion – rodeo photography.  So, if your life ever feels boring or without challenge, think of Jack living, seeing and being in the world with charm, grace and a desire to keep learning.  I guess 91 is the new 40…park-5-copy




I am writing this story and sharing Jack’s photographs as a tribute to my wonderful friend.  Sadly, Jack experienced an unfortunate fall a few weeks ago and passed away very suddenly.  Consequently, I could not think of a better way to celebrate and honor my friend than with the words of this tribute and sharing of his special vision of the world.  I want to thank Jack’s family for giving me permission to honor my friend in this way and I hope that Jack’s life inspires you to pursue your dreams and live life fully.   I will miss my friend dearly.   Peace to you, Jack.  Here is one more photography display just for you. 

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These photographs were taken after a very long evening hike in a downpour of rain.  Cold and wet, I was still awe-struck by this breathtaking beauty of Gothic Mountain and Mt. Crested Butte.  We photographed until sunset and then had a long hike in the dark with headlamps to guide us through the muddy trail.  Upon reflection, I felt so insignificant in the universe at the top of the peak and yet I know that one act of kindness each day is so significant.  I am so grateful for this awareness.

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“Sunrise Perspective”


If you have a zoom lens or an additional lens with a different focal length, challenge yourself to see the landscape before you with differing perspectives.  These photographs were taken during the same morning sunrise from Kebler Pass in Crested Butte, CO.  The featured photograph is the East-West Beckwith Range; the photograph above is the Ruby Range.  This is a reminder that life is constant change – different light, different clouds, different color all displayed within minutes.  We can either be in the moment and go with the flow or miss opportunities presented to us.  We can limit our view and focus or we can expand our perspective.  We do have choice in our world.

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“Chasing Bubbles”

Remember the husky puppies?  Well, here are two of them at age 6 months.  “Zane” is chasing bubbles and is quite delighted with himself with each capture in his mouth.  When he chases bubbles, he jumps, he leaps and is quite agile.  In the below  photograph, it is quite noticeable that he looks very much like my beloved Nikki – a red/white husky with amber color eyes.  His brother, “Wiley,” is below and has distinct speckled coloring around his eyes.  Both “boys”  are so middle school in nature:  lots of energy, constant running and very rambunctious.  _DSC9427


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