“The Joy of Childhood”

It has been an absolute pleasure photographing these beautiful puppies and trying to capture their unique personalities.  However, it was a challenge as they run in every direction very quickly, collide like bumper cars and stay in one place momentarily.  Technically, for most photographs, I did use a high shutter speed to freeze the action and an F-stop at 5.6 or lower to blur the background.  Also, I tried to stay as low to the ground as possible to be eye level with their eyes.  A few times, I sat on the ground to be eye-level with them.  However, within moments, I had one playing tug-of-war with my shoe lace; one eating the lace on my shorts; one pulling at my tee-shirt; one grabbing my camera strap – and one or two just jumping in my lap.  At any rate, I hope that photographs have provided you with some entertainment during your day.  Most importantly, I hope that they have reminded you of the joy of childhood.  For me, the experience has also been introspective as I was inspired to ask myself the following questions…

  • Do you remember playing?
  • Do you remember being spontaneous?
  • Do you remember life without responsibility?
  • Do you remember life without meetings?
  • Do you remember the joy of movement?
  • Do you remember “being ” without the perception of judgment?
  • Do you remember the memories of family?
  • Do you remember curiosity?

Thank you, sweet puppies.  I wish you all a great life in your new homes with many blessings.

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“A New Day…”

As we recover from the flood in Lyons, CO, I try to find beauty in each new day.  Sometimes the beauty is in the acts of kindness that I have the privilege to witness.  Volunteers still work each and every day.  It is not uncommon to see many planting trees or spreading grass seed to foster native grass growth in the areas impacted by the flood.  Last week, there was a crew of women from the local jail doing their supervised service work.  They were sweeping the sides of roads with brooms and I became teary-eyed observing the integrity of their actions.  I shared with their supervisor how grateful I was for their diligence and she asked me to share my thoughts with the young women.  As I expressed gratitude from my heart for their service, they began to cry.  They had no idea how their actions were lifting community spirits so much and were so grateful to hear my words.  The time it took for this interaction changed my life and I know that it changed theirs as well.  Each new day is an opportunity filled with choices and moments of gratitude can be transformative.

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“The 6 Pack @ 7 Weeks”

Yes, the puppies are “7” weeks old already.  I have one more week to photograph them before they are placed in their permanent homes.  It is difficult to photograph all “6” together as they are running and playing like bumper cars.  Their young lives are filled with curiosity which is a joy to behold.  After their playtime, they literally collapse and fall asleep.  Needless to say, this is a pleasure to both photograph and experience.  Enjoy!

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“Light and Shadow”


Perception is a key element with photography.  One can pursue a unique level of creativity by accepting the challenge to create composition with shadows.  A viewer can then perceive the key element of composition with a personal interpretation based on experience.  The challenge is to really be present with the environment around you.

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“Elements of Design for Good Composition”

I love it when I can find a landscape with geometric design or elements of flowing patterns.  This landscape has both geometry and diagonal lines.   There is the shape of a triangle displayed by the landscape at the lower portion of the photograph and the series of trees form “3” distinct diagonal lines.   This photograph is simple and beautiful with a very pleasing composition. 

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