“The Heart of Volunteers – Lyons Strong”

I have never experienced a national disaster personally – until the September 11th flood in Lyons, CO.  It changed my town; it changed my life.  The news coverage  lasted several days or weeks.  However, the recovery process lasts months and years.  I did not realize the amount of work involved for a town to re-create itself.  The meetings are seemingly endless.  The conversations are very long.  The dedication of town officials, Board members and average residents is a live rendition of active citizenship.  Everyone is a volunteer giving their time and energy during this process.  It reflects a spirit of love for town, home and community that is a remarkable journey. 

In addition to being somewhat overwhelmed with all of the recovery work, the visual of the devastation is very sad and difficult to view each day.  Ultimately, my photography is helping me and supporting me with my perspective.  I have made a commitment see beauty each day – even if it is in a pile of debris or rubble.  My mantra has become the philosophy that I have always believed in:  “What am I choosing to focus on?”  I must focus on the beautiful and see the beautiful as we make slow and steady progress.  I must remember each day, with respect, all of the volunteers working and dedicating their endless time toward progress.

On some level are hearts are broken.  On another level, our hearts are strong and resilient.  So, I dedicate this blog post to anyone who has experienced a national disaster or extreme trauma – especially the volunteers helping the town of Lyons.  I honor your perseverance.

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“Celebrate Spring”

These are daffodils standing in their glory.  Their beauty and color brings joy and aliveness to my soul.  It has been a long and challenging fall and winter season across our nation. Many states have experienced unusual floods, tornadoes and bitter cold with extraordinary amounts of snow.  So, we must look around and celebrate the flowers now blossoming around us.  Their magical beauty and color are a welcome site.

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“The Nature of Abstract Design”

Nature is amazing in its shape and design.  So, choose to look around your world to find different patterns, textures and designs.  The ordinary can easily become extraordinary.  If you challenge yourSelf to take a few minutes to “take in” your surroundings, life can make you smile with delight.  The above photograph is frozen water in my dog’s dish that I left outside one night during winter.  The below photograph is a group of tomatoes in a blue basket.  Both photographs are magical with their composition and design.  They are the nature of abstract design.

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The humor this photograph conveys is hilarious.  However, to achieve this composition, the main ingredient for me was patience.  I had to wait for both ducks to choreograph their movements in a synchronized way.  It actually was fun to stop and “be present” with each moment and it was a reminder to use this lesson in my life.

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