Christmas, 2013


As most of you know, I live in Lyons, CO.  My little town of approximately 1,700 people was severely damaged and affected by the flooding that started in Colorado on September 11th, 2013.  Our town was divided by flood water into 6 separate islands.  The damage has been estimated over $50,000,000 to homes, infrastructure and utilities.  Without water, sewer, electric and gas, some residents (as myself) were displaced for over 2 months from their homes.  Yet, there are many residents still displaced and it is 3 months after the flood experience.  

The event was terrifying and our evacuation after several days was frightening.  It was only then that we were able to witness the devastation to our town – both its homes and landscape.  However, throughout it all, there were strangers helping strangers; neighbors helping neighbors; there was compassion; there were acts of kindness; there was love.

So, my  “5” blog posts labelled “2013” will be my Christmas card this year.  Each photograph with these posts is a sunrise taken at Rocky Mountain National Park.  The photographs are a reminder that each morning is a new beginning to accept challenges with a new attitude toward life and living.  Each photograph is a reminder to live life fully and to embrace the people around you with love and support.  Each photograph is a reminder that our life is fragile and composed of magical moments for us to make choices that support our aliveness.

Merry Christmas!

Peace & blessings,


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Being Alive, 2013


“The most invisible creators I know of are those artists whose medium is life itself.  The ones who express the inexpressible – without brush, hammer, clay or guitar.  They neither paint nor sculpt – their medium is their being.  Whatever their presence touches has increased life.  They see and don’t have to draw.  They are the artists of being alive.”  J. Stone

“The more light you allow within you, the brighter the world you live in will be.”  Shakti Gawain

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Gratitude, 2013


“Beginning to tune into even the minutest feelings of … gratitude softens us …  If we begin to acknowledge these moments and cherish them … then no matter how fleeting and tiny this good heart may seem, it will gradually, at it own speed, expand.”  Pema Chodron

“One’s destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things.”  Henry Miller

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The Beginning of Recovery, 2013


“Joy is prayer – Joy is strength – Joy is love – Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls.  She gives most who gives with Joy.”   Mother Teresa

“Let’s feel the magic of those two little, big words:  Thank You.”  Ardath Rodale

THANK YOU to all the volunteers who have helped everyone in the town of Lyons, CO.  THANK YOU to all who have sent donations to help us.  THANK YOU for your friendship and love.  May you be blessed always.

Happy New Year!



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