“White Ibis”

Use a faster shutter speed to capture birds in flight.  Composition can be a challenge concerning placement of the bird, including the entire bird and trying to get a sharp eye in focus.  With this photograph, the circles in the water and abstract design of the trees add to the composition.


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“The Owl and the Eagle”



I love the backlighting on the owl.  With one eye open and one eye closed, its wink was almost nature’s attempt at flirting.  It was quite amusing to behold.  Although the owl and the eagle were both in captivity at the Homosassa Springs State Park in Florida, they both seemed content and happy.  The eagle appeared to be trying to communicate something or at least, in a literal sense, was depicting the call of the wild.


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“Great Egret”


This is almost perfect composition with this Great Egret.  I missed getting the full wing span into the frame, however, the photograph is still pleasing to the eye.  On another level, the right wing is leading my eye to something new and different and I want to move in the direction of the bird’s flight pattern.  It is as if the bird is saying:  “Follow me.”  It is interesting that without resistance, I do desire to follow it.


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“Wood Stork”


 The foreground really enhances this photograph with lots of texture and subtle colors.  The stork’s standing and being attitude reminds me of a position of acceptance.  I am constantly amazed at the philosophical and spiritual nature of nature as this photograph is a nice reminder of how to be present in the moment with no expectations.


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“The Nature of One’s Nature”


Needless to say, I did not take this photograph of myself.  However, I actually like it very much.  It was spontaneous, in the moment, and captured me pursuing my passion – the art of photography.  A simple photograph; yet, it portrays joy and aliveness.  It truly reflects the nature of one’s nature when one is connected to life and purpose.  So, I ask … what would your self portrait look like?  Have you found your passion in life and are you pursuing it?  If so, my smile is your smile and my joy is your joy.  Thank you to my beloved friend, Margy.  This photograph was taken of me as I was doing a family portrait of 17 relatives who surprised Margy for her 90th birthday.  I love you, Margy!


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“Options with Challenging Weather”



When the weather is a challenge, look around for the hidden beauty in your surroundings.  With nature, there is design and texture in all kinds of weather.  If there was a dramatic sky and great light on this day, I probably would have walked past these rocks embraced by the frozen particles of ice.  Instead, I walked with an intention of seeing composition close to me.  It became a “wow” moment and opportunity to appreciate the abstract beauty of the natural world around me.  Again, I am constantly amazed how nature is an art form in so many ways.


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