“Illumination: Honor to the Children and Teachers”


This post is a dedication to the beautiful souls lost during the recent tragic events in Newtown, CT.  I wish these children a special peace and honor their very brave teachers.  There are no words to describe the sorrow felt in our country.  I can only hope that these very young children were destined to be great teachers for all of us.  I pray that the event is a tipping point to start much-needed discussions that create real change for safety in our country.  I pray for the families that somehow they may find peace in their lives again.


20 young children shine brightly above

master souls, they are, to inspire our nation

guided by 6 who dedicated their lives

change, we must, to honor them all

lost, but never forgotten…



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Recently, a friend sent me an anonymous quote that had a unique definition of PEACE.  It indicated that peace is not necessarily being free from disturbance.  Instead, it is “being calm” in the midst of choas, in the midst of disharmony.

This sunrise was taken of Mt. Massive in Twin Lakes, CO, during the fall.  It reminds me of hope to begin anew, to find the light and good in each day and to honor the sacred landscape around us.  May this image be a visual reminder for you to “be” PEACE in your everyday living, everyday stress, everyday experience. This is my offering to you this day, this morning.


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“Black Canyon of the Gunnison”

This early morning in the Black Canyon of the Gunnison reminds me of the magnificence of the universe.  I was seemingly so small in this powerful landscape of strength and integrity.  Yet, in my heart, I know that my thoughts, my actions, my presence in this universe matters.  I make a difference with the goodness of who I am and all of us together with our acts of kindness match the power  of this landscape with our strength and integrity.  As Mother Teresa once said:  “I can do things you cannot.  You can do things I cannot.  Together, we can do great things.”


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“Twin Souls”

These trees represent strength of character to me.  They are twin souls, standing tall, facing the elements and receiving support from each other.  This post is dedicated to “2” sets of twins very dear to me:  Sydney & Mia and Liam & Logan.  May you always support each other throughout your lives.  Love each other and develop your unique potential.  The world awaits your contribution.


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“Be the Change…”

From Gandhi…

“In the attitude of silence the soul finds the path in a clearer light, and what is elusive and deceptive resolves itself into crystal clearness.  Our life is a long and arduous quest after Truth.”

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Longs Peak at sunrise.  This photograph emphasizes the magic of light that occurs during early morning and dusk.  To me, this magical photograph offers an invitation to the soul to be itself without constraints of belief systems acquired from life experience.  Be your Self; be your Truth.


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“Animal Fun”


Patience with photography can often provide some humorous benefits.  I hope these make you smile.  I love the concentric circles with the ducks.  Also, I have never seen marmots playing together.  Before this tender pose, they were running and chasing each other and doing summersaults in the tundra.  Then, suddenly, they stopped and appreciated each other and the moment.


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“Alluvial Falls”



These falls were created after a flood in Horseshoe Park in Rocky Mountain National Park in the 1980’s.  The unique boulders really define these falls with color and uniqueness.  Using a tripod with a slow shutter speed (approximately 1 second) created the soft cotton-candy effect with the water.


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