“Magical Moments”

Me and Maxme and max #2

I actually did not take this photograph as I am in it.  However, I could not resist posting this on my PeacemakersArt blog.  My friend’s dog “Max” has a habit of jumping onto the dog park fence to watch prairie dogs in the surrounding area in Boulder.  So, I started the habit of joining “Max” – shoulder to shoulder in a special bonding experience.  Actually, all of my doggie friends thought this site was hilarious and I am grateful to my friend, Stan, for capturing this magical momentAs Stan shared with me, I still have an inch or two on Max in height.  So, I am indeed grateful.  However, notice that my beloved Nikki did not have the same interest.  Enjoy!


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“Summer Flowers #1”

pink poppy

This simply is a picture of elegance to me.  The softness and delicate color identifies spring and the new abundance of summer.  This particular photograph, and the below flower series, were taken with a macro lens which allows great depth of field with flower close-ups.  It highlights the detail of the flower – and almost its soul essence.  For me, nature photography reminds me of the spiritual nature of being.


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